Curators of weddings that are anything but ordinary...

Knots & Nuptials is a wedding planning boutique based in Hertfordshire, covering London and beyond. We craft weddings for clients who aspire for an occasion like no other, offering endless luxury with a creative edge.

From the aesthetics through to the itinerary, our team of experienced planners will thoughtfully create a wedding that is infused with magic.



Firstly, we’d love to wish the newly engaged couple a huge congratulations on finding your ‘infinity’. We are beyond excited to be a part of your wedding planning journey!

Founded by Nalini, our team at Knots & Nuptials thrive in an environment where we work with stylish and soulful couples who want a wedding that is planned with intimacy, coloured with creativity, and is completely and utterly defined by you. We adore collaborating with loved-up couples who value connection, meaning and intention.

With Nalini’s extensive expertise within the events industry and her unrelenting passion for individuality, she will deliver a deeply personal event that offers you and your guests an immersive experience, from high-end, elaborate production to exquisite floral design that exceeds every expectation and beyond. We plan every event with our signature blend of artistry, organisation and reverie.

Knots & Nuptials have garnered a reputation for orchestrating opulent events with all the trimmings. We’ll give you the permission to ignore tradition, the confidence to push the boundaries and the opportunity to dream without limits. Nalini will tailor-make your authentic wedding, weaving in your personalities, your style and even the smallest details into the narrative of your wedding day, where emotions are evoked, and senses are awakened. Where just one singular day has the rare ability to reflect thousands of fleeting moments, a lifetime of tender gestures and every single powerful piece of the puzzle that has collided to become your love story.

And that’s exactly why we’re here. We’re here for you. So that you have the rare opportunity to savour every single second of being engaged and everything it brings. It’s not just about your wedding day, it’s the beginning, the end and everything in-between too. It’s the excitement mixed with anticipation, it’s the families you bring together, it’s the myriad of cultures that you celebrate and it’s the love that is shared along the way. Knots & Nuptials are here to support you so that your experience is faultless in every way.

It’s luxury, but in your own words.
It’s your ‘togetherness’, in the way you want it to be told.
And it’s quite simply, incomparable.



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